Hello team thankyou for such a wonderful product one of my friend who is already a customer of yours suggested me this whitening cream I believed my friend and purchased your product I'm seeing very good results thankyou so much for the cream.
Hi sir /madam I have darkspots and pimples on my face I have taken your product goldcream with 20 days I got best results thankyou so much for suggested best cream to me.
Hai I have started using the product since 10 days starting 4-5 days there is no results but also I continued using the product there is drastic change started geting glow in my face thank you so much Lakshmi cosmetics
Hai my self deepthi I have taken product for glow and tanning I have used gold cream I got best results with in 5 days thank you so much.
Hai my self bindu I have have taken product for glow and anti hair fall I am using ur product since 20 days I have got best results. My hair fall also has been stooped thank you so much for the best product
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